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Issue 87


July 26, 2019

Welcome to the penultimate issue of the Ghazal Page, with 29 ghazals by 12 poets.  Submissions are closed.

The next issue of the Ghazal Page will be our last.

All regular submissions to the Ghazal Page have now been answered.

Read, write, and enjoy! -and we hope many ghazals will still be written.

The Ghazal Page Staff

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If at first you don’t succeed loading the Ghazal Page, try, try again!  A2 has been spastic lately about serving the page, but eventually they will.  Probably.

David Jalajel qasida #27
qasida #28
qasida #30
qasida #35
qasida #36
qasida #37
qasida #38
qasida #41
Jay Botten April
Gather and Depart
Judith Skillman Address to Pain
Nicholas Alexander Hayes Saturday Night Fever Breaks
Victoria Crawford Scented Woman
Mark C. Jensen Ghazal of a Mathematician’s Lament
Alison Stone Words About Words
Your Epidermis is Showing
The End
On Ice, Into Ruin
Mystics, Hips, and Children
Kid Ghazal
Deadly Ghazal
Joan Dobbie There Must Be Winter
Muhammad Sallahudin bin Abdul Rahim All-Knowing
Michele Waering The Future
George Franklin Forgetting
Majid Mohiuddin Ghazal: Tribute and Lament

About Matt Warren

Matt Warren, son of founder Gene Doty, has for better or worse been editor and publisher of the Ghazal Page since 2016. He also hasn't had time to write a ghazal since 2016. You can blame him for the erratic publishing schedule (that apple didn't fall from the tree, as long time contributors know...)