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When Gene Doty debuted The Ghazal Page, it was another small, obscure e-zine. Through Gene’s leadership and a growing awareness of the form, its popularity took off and has yet to abate. To date, the journal has published nearly 1000 poems, essays, and reviews. Our poets hail from all over the world from New Delhi to New York to New Zealand. The Ghazal Page staff is proud to feature emerging voices alongside established authors. Holly Jensen served as editor during most of 2015-2016; Gene’s son Matt Warren took over in 2016.


The Ghazal Page community is united by a passion for this seductive, mercurial, mystical form of poetry. We offer not only our archives, but also a library of resources to deepen knowledge of ghazals, Persian poetry, Urdu poetry, Arabic poetry, and our global poetic inheritance.

All Good Things End

The Ghazal Page will cease publication in 2019, after the existing backlog of submissions is worked through. The poor service provided by A2 Hosting has contributed to this decision. The Ghazal Page will remain online until the current hosting term expires in spring 2020, or until A2 Hosting randomly ceases (again) to allow access.


… to all of our readers, poets, contributors, and associate editors for making The Ghazal Page a success for 20 years.


Submissions to the Ghazal Page are now permanently closed.
Other communications can be sent via email at
Questions and comments on the web-site can be sent to webmaster (at)

About larrygates

Web developer of Ghazal Page. Sometime pseudonymous ghazalkar.