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Issue 2a – Summer 2000

These few ghazals have waited too long to appear here—I can only express my regrets at not putting this issue up sooner. However, I hope its design has benefited from what I’ve learned in the past few months.
The poets in this issue have varied approaches and experiences.There are both traditional and experimental ghazals here. I continue to see immense possibilities for ghazals in English and hope that reading these will stimulate you to try your hand at the form and to me.

In any case, I will appreciate feedback on The Ghazal Page, the work here and the pages themselves.

Sabina Becker The Long Dances
Alison Marshall Ghazal
Jane & Werner Reichhold Ghazal
William Dennis Ghazal
Christine-Marie Umscheid The Basement
Adi Heller Ghazal
Red Slider Ionized Ghazal
About the Poets

About larrygates

Web developer of Ghazal Page. Sometime pseudonymous ghazalkar.