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Issue 5a – April 2003

I’ve added some ghazals to this page. I think you will enjoy them; both Chris Mooney Singh’s and Jean Hallingstad’s ghazals deal movingly with loss.
There will be some more changes in the format and structure of The Ghazal Page. I want to make it accessible, flexible, and easier to update. Any suggestions you have will be welcome.

I still have a few ghazals on hand. I plan to work with them over the next few weeks. If you’ve not submitted ghazals yet, or if you have, more submissions will be welcome around May 1.

I have revised the splash page and navigation bar. I plan to give the New Ghazal Page its own navigation table soon. I’ve also added a ghazal by R. L. Kennedy, another example of pretty traditional format. I still have several ghazals filed and hope to add several more soon. (I’m also going to revise submission instructions to fit the new format and open schedule.
You may expect the format of The New Ghazal Page to be relatively fluid, at least for awhile, but I don’t plan any major changes from what I’ve done so far.

After nearly a year, I am starting up The Ghazal Page again, this time with a different design concept. Perhaps the “issue”../ format, derived from print journals, really isn’t necessary for the Web. I am going to experiment with this simple two-column format. As I add poems, I will add links and archive the ghazals in bundles of five or ten.
This approach will make updating The Ghazal Page less demanding for me and will allow more frequent updates, as well as having a simpler layout. I will retain the past issues and archives as long as feasible. As always, I appreciate feedback. You may email me at

The first ghazal in the new format is by Erin Thomas. I believe I have had his work longer than that of any of the long-suffering poets whose ghazals have languished on my hard-drive for months. I hope to be adding more ghazals soon, one at a time.

Erin Thomas Manifestation
R. L. Kennedy Octaves
Jean Hallingstad Ghazal After the Death of a Son
Francis Masat Trading Places at the Wildlife Rescue Center
Chris Mooney Singh Ghazals After Her Passing

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