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Issue 5b – May 2003

Second Set

I’m about to cast these files on the electronic waters. I know that some of the people reading The Ghazal Page dislike the Modernists, like Zukofsky. That’s fine; the Modernists need no defense from me. But I cut my poetic eyeteeth on Ezra Pound and William Carlos Williams–and also Whitman and Dylan Thomas.
If you take the trouble to find information on Zukofsky, you will find that he perpetrated what Karl Sahpiro called a “culture” poem, like Pound’s Cantos or Eliot’s “The Wasteland.” Zukofsky’s culture poem is A. I recommend you read his lyric poetry first, however, unless you have a real taste for the long experimental poem laden with references and allusions and requiring annotation.

The spring storms seem to have settled down here, at least for this round. I installed UPS support on my home system yesterday, so I’m ready for anything but a direct lightning hit.

As always, I appreciate comments, questions, and suggestions. In this new series of TGP, I haven’t provided email addresses or biographical information on the poets. If you have an opinion about this kind of information, please let me know. My major concern is the poets’ privacy. Also, I do plan to add (soon) some reviews and notes/comments. Submissions of that kind of material are more than welcome.

Taylor Graham Roadside Markers
Christine Marie Umscheid Kidnapped
Fred C. Dobbs “. . . sea”
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