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Issue 6d – December 2003

Seventh Set

After too many weeks, here’s another set of ghazals, the seventh and last for 2003. Fortuitously, there are also seven ghazals here, from five poets. I’m pleased that there’s more variety than one might expect. Every so often, someone asks me about the range of “ghazals” on The Ghazal Page. I intend to publish ghazals with the full traditional form; part of the tradtitional form; only indirect allusions to the traditional form. I would like the poems that appear here to both fulfill and challenge notions of a “real” ghazal.

Antonia Quintana Pigno Descansos
Peter Hook Default
Daniel Zimmerman Ghazal at First Sight
head ghazal
Taylor Graham A Ghazal of Gardens
R. L. Kennedy Gallipoli, 1915
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