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Majid Mohiuddin

The Ghazal, In My Opinion

Poor, awkward fledgling couplets of the other ghazals!
They flap two wings, yet there’s no flight, in my opinion.

They’re adrift like blinking Fireflies lost in the dark,
Not Lightning on a stormy night! in my opinion.

A fierce sher turns to lukewarm sheer by just a pen’s stroke!
One curdles in the other’s sight, in my opinion.

With no talk of the Beloved or love of religion,
Such words seem thematically trite, in my opinion.

There are strict rules to be followed to make the game fun,
Herein lies the old ghazal’s might, in my opinion.

Where’s the dueling with word play? What I found was perverse
Per verse, inlaid gems sparkle bright, in my opinion.

Diamonds are made from a form that’s harder than cut-glass,
These harsh words are not meant as spite, in my opinion.

What is the point of declaring my love to the world?
The blind have no need for a light, in my opinion.

Wisdom in poetry comes by studying our lives,
Let the scholars quibble and fight, in my opinion.

Shahzadah’s keen eyes view the immense world from above:
This hawk swoops down from a great height, in my opinion.

About Majid Mohiuddin

Majid Mohiuddin resides in Boston, MA and has published a book of ghazals written in English, titled An Audience of One. He graduated from Brown University and is currently studying at Harvard. He is the recipient of the NJ Governor's Award in the Arts and Education. You can order the book and see a vision statement at this page or visit for book reviews in addition.