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Issue 9c – August 2005

Set Three

My planned publication schedule for this year hasn’t worked out. That shouldn’t surprise anyone who has followed The Ghazal Page for awhile. My intention was a new issue every four weeks, more or less. This time the gap is nearly two months. My apologies to the poets and readers involved. I appreciate everyone’s patience. I’m sure you will find these ghazals worth the wait.

The next two issues will be solo: in November, a set by h e k s/lavish, and in December by Chris Mooney-Singh. These two poets write strong ghazals that will enlarge your sense of what the form can do in English.

I plan to add to my “blog” soon and also to post a review of Tree Riesener’s new chapbook, Liminalog. If you have ghazals or reviews and other prose related to ghazals, please send them along.

There seems to be growing interest in the ghazal as an English form. I’m eager to see more contributions to that growth, whether original ghazals, fresh translations of ghazals from other languages, or reviews, notes, essays and other prose relevant to the ghazal in English.

John Isaacs-Young King of Silence
James Schiavoni Lying Ghazal
Mary L. Mazzocco Oblivion
Rick Miller I Will Not Give Up
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