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Issue 10c – November 2005

Set Six

The 2005 Ghazal Page will end with two solo issues. The first one is by h e k s/lavish, a young poet whose work you will find both challenging and rewarding. h e k s’ work draws on the oral tradition of hip-hop MCs. A few years ago, poet Quincy Troupe read in my town. When an audience member asked Troupe if he saw any promising new developments in poetry, Troupe immediately responded, “Rap.” This ghazals show how that development can enrich written poetry.

In December, The Ghazal Page will be pleased to present several poems by Chris Mooney-Singh, whose fine work has appeared here before.

h e k s/lavish Idol
Dialectical Cranium
Mimesis of the Secular
Recess-Regret . . . and the Aesthetic
To Seek Out
Editor’s comments

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