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Issue 10d – December 2005

Set Seven

Here’s the last issue of The Ghazal Page for 2005. It consists of five excellent ghazals by Chris Mooney-Singh, a translation of an 18th century Urdu ghazal by Chris and Savinder Kaur. You will also find Chris’s definitions of some less-known ghazal terms and his delightful piece, “Fourteen Day Ghazal-e-Zikr.”

Each of these items will reward your reading. This issue makes an excellent close to the year and a harbinger of more good things to come 2006.

Finally, click this link quickly and go to Chris’ blog, Begum Ghazal’s Daily Ghazal Blog. Chris’s blog entries will inform and inspire you in writing ghazals. He also provides a number of relevant links.

Chris Mooney-Singh Ghazal of the Ghazal
Ghazal of the Puzzle
Ghazal of the Chase
Ghazal of Walls and Door
Ghazal to Ishq
Khawja Mir Dard Ghazal: Me
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