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Issue 11b – February 2006

Two 2006

Once again, I’m privileged to publish some good ghazals. I think you will find Issue Two to have strong poems. In addition, Tree Riesener has contributed a good essay on the ghazal form. I recommend it highly.
I keep receiving good ghazals in my email. Thank you! I have a variety of poems on hand for the next several issues. And I’m always interested in seeing more.

Someone wrote and asked if I am going to do a 2006 blog. I have thought about doing something along those lines; this query is good motivation for me. I still don’t think “blog” is quite the right term, but perhaps I shouldn’t be too finicky. I expect to do issue three at the end of March / first of April. Perhaps by then I can have something set up.

Rainforest and Leonard Ng Ghazal of Morning
Colin Flanigan Debates
Karma de Gruy Adrien’s Ghazal
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