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Issue 12b – May 2006

Five 2006

Here are five ghazals for your pleasure and reward. I’m quite aware that three of them are a sher or two short. They are, however, good poems, and they express the ghazal spirit as well as if they had the canonical number of shers. Please see my editor’s comments for further thoughts on them.
I’ve slowed down a little on the blog and comments. There should be a couple more comments and perhaps a new blog entry close to the time issue five is online. I don’t know about you, but I’m enjoying both the ghazal blog and your comments on it.

Kathy Egan Whiskey Tears
Roger Robison Aelia: A Ghazal
Samuel Salerno Reading Beckett
R. L. Kennedy Van Gogh
Red Slider Contemplative Ghazal
Editor’s Comments

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