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Issue 13b – July 2006

Seven 2006

I’m publishing issues six and seven together. That way, I can catch up with some of the poems that’ve been on my hard-drive for too long and also bring publication closer to the first of the corresponding month. (I’m putting numbers on the issues rather than months just in case I really get out phase.)

The link above will take you to the index page for both issues, as will the “Current Ghazals” link on the main page. The links to the left will take you directly to either of the issues.

I hope you enjoy the poems in issues six and seven. Please see my comments in each issue if you’re concerned about a couple of minor departures from canonical ghazal form.

David Lunde Inshaallah
Darren Coxon Rose Ghazal
Nell Grey ikebana
endings, beginnings
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