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Issue 14a – August 2006

Eight 2006

I’ve added a small decoration to this page. If you want to see it as I intend it to look, please use Firefox or Opera instead of Internet Explorer. In the past, I’ve used less advanced graphic formats to cater to IE’s limitations. I’m not going to do that anymore. IE’s code is out of date and incapable of rendering something as simple as the transparency in a PNG graphic. Either Firefox or Opera will give you a more secure and stable browsing experience, as well as one that’s up-to-date. They are easily downloaded and installed.

Of course, this note is only for Windows users. If you’re using Linux or Mac, you already have a good browser.

Now that I’ve groused about Internet Explorer, let me say that there are six fine ghazals in Issue Eight for your enjoyment.

Tree Riesener At Night
For Me
Bill Batcher In the Waiting Room
R. L. Kennedy Tradition
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