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Issue 14b – September 2006

Nine 2006

A few days ago I had one of my periodic fits of “deciding” to stop doing The Ghazal Page or to put it on indefinite hiatus. Then I sat down and put together Issue Nine for 2006. I enjoyed the process so much and am so pleased to be able to make these excellent poems public that I completely recovered from my malaise.

I fully expect to do three more issues this year. You can expect to see some more translations as well as more excellent ghazals. There should also be some more ghazal-related prose. And some new entries in Gino’s Ghazal Blog.Please come back.

Robert Godwin A Ghazal For Ramadan
Mary Cresswell Ghazal [Over the hill]
Joel Neubauer To Ghazal Luna
Joan Logghe Ghazal for Blood Oranges
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