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Issue 16b – July 2007

There are six fine ghazals in this issue. I hope you will enjoy them individually and as a group. Each of the four poets has a noticable voice in the ghazals; for me, their voices complement each other and, together, extend the range of the English ghazal.

Brandy Bauer Ghazal (Spanish)
Ghazal (Kabul)
Ahmed Masud Wine Glass
Joel Neubauer Its Rest
Steffen Horstmann Ghazal of the Black Water
Ghazal of the Grasses
Editor’s Comments

This may be a good point to repeat some of the basics of my editorial approach. This ‘zine is devoted to the ghazal in English—a subtle difference from “The Ghazal” in English. The poems appearing here have some reasonable connection with the ghazal as found in several other languages and cultures; these poems may not each have all the formal features of a ghazal. In fact, what the formal features of a ghazal are varies from language to language. Look for an essay on the Arabic ghazal to appear soon here.

The poems on The Ghazal Page make lack matla, makhta, qafiya, or radif, but they will (usually) be in discrete couplets (shers), almost always with “jumps” between shers. I hope by publishing a variety of embodiments of the ghazal idea to contribute to the ultimate nativising of ghazals in English, to the point that people will know what ghazals are, recognize them, even write them, without having a vocabulary of unfamiliar terms.

How many folks recognize the sonnet as originally Italian or can explain and analyze the various stanza patterns and rhyme schemes that make up the totality of “the” sonnet?

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