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Issue 17a – September 2007

Seven poems by six poets: what a deal! How about “Seven good poems by six good poets”? That’ll do. For further remarks on the poems, please see the editor’s comments in the September issue.

Fact is I want to repeat here what I’ve said elsewhere — please send me some ghazals using Arabic forms. David Jalajel’s rules tell you what you need to know to experiment with the form. I’ve written my first “Arabic” ghazal, which will appear in the October Lynx, published by AHA Poetry.

Please keep sending ghazals following the Persian form (a la Agha Shahid Ali) and free-form ghazals as well. I’m not taking up the cause of the Arabic form against the Persian/Urdu form, far from it. We’re only beginning to see what the ghazal is capable of in English. Help me show readers of The Ghazal Page what we can do.

Xuan Lin Spiegelbild
Bill Batcher Getting Through
Jennifer Hudock Our Dreams
Julie Wallace Dissolution of the Heart
What to do in Athens on a Monday Night
R. L. Kennedy Trails
Steffen Horstmann Ghazal Considering the Composition of a Sonnet
Editor’s Comments

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