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Bill Batcher


Today I went to the baker to buy bread.
“Doughnuts? Cookies? A cake? A pie?” “Bread.”

A loaf perhaps of pumpernickle or
maybe real Jewish rye bread.

Only one thing will satisfy: bread.

But Christ in hunger told the tempter, Lo,
man cannot live alone by bread.

Beware the Pharisees. Yet without
some yeast you will not have high bread.

He blessed it and gave to his disciples.
“Drink my wine, my friends, and eat my bread.”

Baghdad, Queen of Cities, listen
to the hungry orphans cry, “Bread.”

No mother, when her own children ask,
can look at them and deny bread.

Now Bill says: Sit and read my poem and eat,
before we have to say “Goodbye,” bread.

About Bill Batcher

A native of Long Island, New York, I consider myself a poet under construction. While always interested in writing, I began to devote more time to it after my retirement, having taught school for over 35 years. Ever the teacher, I now lead a writers critique group in Riverhead, New York. Two of my poems were published in Decision magazine, and several others won awards from Bylines and Writer's Digest. In 2003, my poem "Upside Down" won the Higher Goals in Christian Journalism award from the Evangelical Press Association. My first book of poems came out last year (Footsteps to the Resurrection, Winepress). I am also a poet in residence on the Argo, and several of my poems are on their . Besides writing, Bill also loves singing. He belongs to the choir of the First Congregational Church of Riverhead, the COLE singers (a group that performs Revues of Broadway Show Music), the Choral Society of the Moriches, and the Christian Men's Harmony Chorus. Bill also has a blog: (