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Issue 19a

Welcome to the January issue of the 2008 Ghazal Page, with six poems by three poets. You’ll have noticed a new appearance to The Ghazal Page. My approach for the ‘zine is to create fairly basic HTML, without fancy trappings. I do use some XHTML and a Cascading Style Sheet or two. I hope to explore some more CSS possibilities in 2008 and may do a redesign about half-way through. A few years back, I did a page using some of the positioning possibilities of CSS, and, guess what? The Internet Explorer version then current wouldn’t display the layout properly. (Other current browsers would, though.) I’d like to try CSS positioning again.

Don’t forget the “clouds and rain” radif challenge!

Joel Neubauer You Are Far
I fill my hands
Margaret Bell Reflections
Joanna Gardner Fire Angel Baby
Roads Home
The Human Animal
Editor’s comments

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