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Issue 19c – March 2008

Having just finished preparing the March issue, including writing the Editor’s Comments, I’m sitting here in the chill of “unseasonably” cold temperatures. The temperature applet on my desktop tells me that it’s 28 F. outside. There was a light snowfall overnight and a strong northwest wind has persisted all day. Meaning? Meaning the six refreshing spring ghazals in the March issue have helped me be patient as I wait for spring. I hope you will find equal or greater reward in reading them.

I’m assembling the Clouds and Rain special issue and hope to publish it by March 8th. It will have a number of excellent ghazals.

Sukhdarshan Dhaliwals The Heart
C W Hawes Has Begun
You Sit
Bernard Gieske In the Woods
Kake-Jiku Ghazal
Editor’s comments

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