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Majid Mohiuddin


The farmers tilling the sun-burnt pastures cheer the clouds and rain,
Travelers with no caravanserai will fear the clouds and rain.

The blessings fall upon those who are quick to give Him all praise,
From the heavens comes the sky’s thunderous takbir! then clouds and rain.

Would Allah cause the sky’s eclipse when the praised one lost his son?
Not even for Muhammad does the world tear these clouds and rain.

Every man worships an idol, whether an ‘ism’ or fame,
Glory goes to the One who knows how to steer the clouds and rain!

He gathers up the waters in a cycle to fall again,
From death to life, can you be any freer than clouds and rain?

He who whispers into the hearts of men has no power here,
For it is terror of the mind that gives fears, then clouds and reigns.

I beseech the moon for her light when up all night in prayer,
Who would take on as their evershifting pir, the clouds and rain?

The stars challenge Shahzadah’s visions of the heavens above,
To the earthbound fool, the glowing sun seems near the clouds and rain.

About Majid Mohiuddin

Majid Mohiuddin resides in Boston, MA and has published a book of ghazals written in English, titled An Audience of One. He graduated from Brown University and is currently studying at Harvard. He is the recipient of the NJ Governor's Award in the Arts and Education. You can order the book and see a vision statement at this page or visit for book reviews in addition.