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Issue 21b – Summer 2008

The special summer issue is ready at last! I plan to leave it linked from the main page at least through August, even though there will be the moon radif challenge results and an August issue. The special summer issue has three pages in order to make it more accessible with shorter files. You will find some familiar names there as well as some new ones. Please check “About the Poets” for more information on most of the poets represented in this issue.

Steffen Horstmann Ghazal of Clouds
Ghazal of Perspectives
Aya Ibrahim Mortality
Karthikeyan Palaniappan An After Rain Eon
David Jalajel Critical Mass
The Goal
The Ice
Jared Mummaw A Ghazal for Shari
Nicola Masciandaro Ghazal One
Ghazal Two
Ghazal Three
Tree Riesener Gloomy Sunday
Ghazal: Secrets
Editor’s Comments

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