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Issue 23a – August 2009

The six ghazals in the August 2008 issues are varied in form and approach but share some essential ghazal themes — romantic love, divine love, the ghazal tradition.

Bill Batcher’s “Love Knot” experiments more with the ghazal form than the other five do. The intense repetition of the qafiya and radif tie an intricate knot that (to my ear) expresses the them effectively. To use a term of Freud’s, adapted by literary critics, these formal features of Batcher’s ghazal are over-determined.

Here’s a reminder of the new radif challenge: the radif is “sugar,” and the guidelines are on the main page for The Ghazal Page.

John Isaacs-Young Man on the End of a Rope
Bill Batcher Love Knot
Hannah Cortazzo Ghalib’s Ghazal
Robert Godwin The Unity of All that Is
Mary Cresswell Night
Carol Lynn Grellas March 24th Ghazal
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