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Issue 25 – December 2008

Here’s the December issue, a bit late but quite a bit good. My editor’s comments are more personal than usual due to my response to the five ghazals presented here and the onset of winter where I live. Feel free to skip my comments, but please read the ghazals — ideally, read them out loud.

I hope to publish the first issue of 2009 in the first week of January. It will have a different design. And please don’t overlook the “stone” radif challenge on the main page of The Ghazal Page. Everything from sedimentary to igneous is welcome.

Karthikeyan Palaniappan A Beautiful Evening
Laura A. Ciraolo Ghazal for Donna
Derek Updegraff A San Diego Summer
Kate Bernadette Benedict The Two
Conrad Geller Shadows: a Ghazal
Editor’s Comments

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