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Issue 26c – March 2009

An intense, wet snow is falling as I write this — a late winter/early spring snowstorm, making the streets slick. A lot of people complain of snow, but we don’t really have that much here. Why a couple of sentences about the snowstorm outside? Doesn’t the physical environment in which we write affect our writing? My feet are chilly as I type these words. Enough . . . .

There are five poems in the March issue. I’ve selected and sequenced them according to my sense of their themes and tones. My comments in the issue may give a sense of how I respond to the poems, but, as always, read the ghazals first and then (if at all) the editor’s comments.

Be sure to visit the main page and read the new challenge. It takes a different direction, dealing with the stanza (sher) form instead of focusing on one radif for every poet. I hope that you will take up the challenge, find it rewarding, and send me the results. The issue of “stone” radif should be online in two or three weeks.

David Jalajel The Cave
Matthew Stranach New Year’s Ghazal
Jessica Bane Robert Ghazal for Desert Hands
Kalim-ji Blessed Clear Morn
Arthur Chapin Ghazala
Editor’s comments

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