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Issue 29b – October Issue

Saturday morning in the Ozarks: a strong storm just came in, thunder, lightning, hail. The hail is at least pea-sized, possible a bit larger, filbert-sized perhaps. The storm came with a strong wind; it brought the dog into our computer room as she sought safety under the table. It feels like the temperature has dropped. A glance at the radar map shows more storm coming our way. The day feels different as a result of the storm’s arrival.

This meteorological report relates to poetry how? A good poem should pass through your mental atmosphere, changing the temperature, changing the feel of the day, of your experience, at least briefly. There are half a dozen ghazals in this issue that should do that for you. I hope the selection and sequence have their own force beyond that of the individual poems.

Sue Melot Border Ghazal
At Home Ghazal
Nina Hart Ghazal
Dhananjay Raturi elsewhere
Ben Johnson Like This
Nicola Morris Naming
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