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Issue 31a – Janurary 2010

This issue inaugurates the new design of The Ghazal Page for 2010. The design follows the same basic idea that I’ve used for a couple of years. I decided sometime ago to avoid glitzy design for TGP. There’s no reason for any use flash elements, for instance, or javascript. My idea is keep it simple and plain: it will load faster and be consistent across a variety of browsers, platforms, and devices. If you encounter any problems, I would appreciate knowing what they are so I can address them.

The January issue presents six ghazals by five poets. When compiling an issue, I try to find a group of poems that work well together, then I find a good order to put them in. The grouping and order are more intuitive than rationalized, and contrasting ghazals work as well as ones that harmonize.

This set of a half-dozen fits together and flows especially well. Enjoy them!

Susan Melot Serendipity
Andy Jackson Ghazal
Tree Riesener Ardi
Raza Yaseen ontologically i’ve outlined myself
Ramkrishna Das Ghazal 1
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