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Issue 31c – March 2010

The March issue is available through the link on the right. This issue is unusual in that it consists of five poems by a single poet, “from American Amnesiac,” poems that Diane Raptosh intends to develop into a longer sequence. The notion of a sequence of ghazals may be unusual in itself, but the sequencing of these five works quite well.

For readers concerned about purity of the ghazal form, I know that these depart in a couple of ways from the Persian ghazal as delineated, most notably, by Agha Shahid Ali. Readers who have followed the essays by David Jalajel will know that in its Arabic origins, the ghazal differed in many ways from its later Persian/Urdu form. I prefer not see the form as fixed at any one stage of its development but still capable of further

Diane Raptosh first ghazal
second ghazal
third ghazal
fourth ghazal
fifth ghazal
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