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Issue 31d – April 2010

Here’s the April issue on time! I think you’ll find that the four ghazals in it will reward the time and energy you put into reading them. I would always encourage you to read a poem aloud, especially if you find it resists you on a silent reading. In the case of this issue, I especially urge you to read the poems aloud. Silent reading can result in loss of meaning as well as music.

I have been working on the Arabic ghazal challenge issue, which I hope to publish in a couple weeks. Just as the challenge seems to have been more difficult than the others, involving radifs, so setting up the issue is a bit more demanding as well. The results will be very much worth waiting for. When the results of the Arabic ghazal challenge are published, I will issue a new ghazal challenge.

Matthew Stranach Lashed by the Desert Winds Ghazal
Esther Mürer Haibun: Failed ghazal with interruptions
Ellen Head Bubble and Squeak for Radif
Anonymous The Silence
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