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Caroline Gill

A Lonely Soul

A silver form appeared to show that daylight was fading
like the old man’s life; he dropped the straw he was holding.
His eyes followed the flight-path of the owl as she soared
over the allotment, with outstretched wings pounding.
The moon was only a small streak on the horizon
but the old man knew that black and white were fusing.
It was that strange twilight hour when he loved to watch her,
his fixed eyes tracing the shadowed silhouette performing.
His adopted offspring had long since fledged, leaving the nest
in his hat, and wounds in his heart that needed binding.
The owl’s feathers glistened with stardust as she took off
without a thought that the scarecrow needed befriending.

About Caroline Gill

Caroline Gill lives by the sea in Swansea, Wales, home town of the poet, Dylan Thomas. She won first prize in the international Petra Kenney Poetry Competition (general section) in 2008. 100+ of her poems have appeared in anthologies and small press magazines in the UK, USA, Romania and India. Caroline’s poem, ‘Preseli Blue’, featured on the BBC Poetry Please programme in 2008 from the Guardian Hay Festival. Her Tercet Ghazal, ‘The Ceilidh House’, was included in the anthology, By the Winter Fires (Indigo Dreams, 2009). Caroline is an external collaborator for the Romanian journal, Orizont Literar Contemporan (editor-in-chief, Daniel Dragomirescu). She was a participant in the first Swansea International Poetry Festival (2011), organised by Peter Thabit Jones (ed. The Seventh Quarry, Wales) and Stanley H. Barkan (ed. Cross-Cultural Communications, New York). Caroline is in the final stages of preparing her first chapbook selection. ( blog.