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Kathee Rogers

Piyut: Desire for my Beloved’s Eyes

A song for the beloved — His eyes observe my flesh in light and dark night.
The consecrated wheels and strong wings are full of eyes. “O Wheel!” I hear cries!
The cherubs’ faces: man, an eagle, an ox, the lion, burning pure fire.
His eyes behold, His eyelids try men, the children run but never can hide.
“O Son of man, now trembling eat bread, Shekinah rising, leaving your sight.
But grasp the hope like Hagar’s well, named for He that lives and sees, Beerlahairoi.
The glory, now absent from my heart of stone will come again by sacrifice.
Ezekiel, the wheels and wings rise, but all I Am still watch and sanctify.

Note: Piyut (piyyut) is a Hebrew poem/liturgical prayer. Many were written in Spain during the 11th century and based on Arabic forms.

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