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Linda Umans

night blooming jasmine

the jasmine breathes in any hour but in black it blooms as the bat
resumes her insect run I dream the bud the white to night attunes
when I feel an absence missing you I sneak around to glimpse the flower
but I don’t need the sighting for what is form when scent assumes
your presence and a breeze returns to perfume day the air holds no secret
the bat wings move in silent truth and I am watching from the moon
and rest assured that love prevails with all imbalance as long as jasmine
takes a breath and sleeping even dying love the life of it exhumes
you walk in daylight beauty and should not doubt what you can’t just see
while Linda gardens in her mind her jasmine love another night retunes

About Linda Umans

Linda Umans enjoyed a long teaching career in the public schools of New York City where she lives, studies, writes. Recent publications include poems in The Broome Street Review, DIALOGIST, Spillway, Composite {Arts Magazine}, Light – A Journal of Photography and Poetry, Journal of Applied Poetics, Carbon Culture, The Ghazal Page, and pieces in Mr. Beller’s Neighborhood.