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Susan Melot

Baroque Scores

Do you still remember the Ingmar Bergmann movie, Dot,
With scores of strange stopped clocks?
Do some birds late for the long migration — maybe slept in —
rush to join their flock?
I ‘ll turn off the metronome and ease into some Chopin,
borrow time — not a lot.
On sun-drenched winter days, inner realms of green peek open
tender tendrils will pop.
I imagine Schubert’s winter-time young hero wears no watch —
his lovelorn heart tick tocks.
Bristlecone trees regenerate over millennia:
endless forget-me-nots.
Build bridges through multi-dimensional space, go baroque
with Sebastian Bach.
Famous Alice fell into a parallel universe
run by carded crackpots.
Take a trip in reverse, spin through spacetime’s wormholes
reenter a hot spot.
My darling has cinematic memories of his past:
of young Sue in snapshots.

About Sue Melot

The author is Brooklyn-born, still residing in the Marine Park section, where she and her husband have lived for many years. She also enjoys the couple's Berkshire home in Becket, Massachusetts where she hikes and bikes, generally enjoying the cultural ambience and nature. For many years, a Special Education teacher, she embarked on a series of classes at the Unterberg Poetry Center of the 92nd Street "Y." She has published with Tapestries, Us 1 Worksheets, Poetica, and The Ghazal Page. Her first chapbook, Chameleon was published in 2008 by Finishing Line Press, and a second, later this year. Also a serious amateur musician, she studies and plays as much as possible, sometimes accompanying her husband on his clarinet and always on the look-out for a chance to play with a chamber group.