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Michael Helsem

Yesterday’s Pleasures

Folded into these pages, yesterday’s pleasures,
if gaze of later ones dredges yesterday’s pleasures.

Surely it’s no disgrace to remember them,
& who in the riot begrudges yesterday’s pleasures?

I look for her where summer’s blast has left
a shambles: no one dodges yesterday’s pleasures.

New tastes & new amusements fill the shelves.
Stacked back & on the edges, yesterday’s pleasures.

Born out of time, in the garden one who lingers;
the wind’s spent whisper bridges yesterday’s pleasures.

How did Graywyvern fare who came so far?
He wrote: tomorrow cadges yesterday’s pleasures.

About Michael Helsem

M. H. was born in Dallas in 1958. Shortly afterwards, fish fell from the sky.