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Sarah Glaz

Ghazal: Resonant Air

Suddenly summer rain dances through fragrant air,
leap to leaf trampolines, somersaults in buoyant air.

Turtle doves take refuge, gurgling cues, under eaves,
coo-coey-coo, coo-coey-coo, flutter and flit — migrant air.

Once Farinelli sang, Ombra mai fu, at La Fenice, Venezia,
a voice without a shadow casting a spell — radiant air.

All afternoon my love and I sip wine and eavesdrop on
the waves, love-and-leave, love-and-leave — undulant air.

Unmoored, a gondola glides by the Aqua Alta flooded
street. Wanderers’ serendipity — kiss of flamboyant air.

Faraway galaxies lure with a promise of life. God of
trees, seas, beauty, and birds: Grant us water! Grant air!

Perpendicular lines delineate a grid on the map. Three-
quarters — stone dead, but in the last quadrant — air.

Don’t say: Let us eat and drink for tomorrow we die;
prepare bread and wine, song and dance, tolerant air.

The desert breathes deep at sun-rise, before the sands spin
fire and the heat ripples beneath a dome of flagrant air.

Sarah laughs when she hears the gazelle’s dying cry, in
the end, resembles the sound of her song, Resonant Air.

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