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Issue 38

Change challenge – 2011

The change challenge produced some excellent ghazals, as you will see. Taylor Graham’s “Listening to the News” sets the context for the rest for the poems with its overview of change. The ghazals that follow consider change in history, nature, personal life, society … but these are abstract terms. Read the poems for the particular, concrete images and situations they present.

These ghazals (twenty-one, including the proem) also play changes on the ghazal form, from pretty traditional Persian/Urdu ghazals to tercet ghazals and freer ghazals; all of them, however, use the disjunctions, the jump or leap, between couplets or tercets. I’m pleased to present these ghazals for your reading enjoyment.

Taylor Graham Listening to the News
Changing Worlds
Mary Cresswell Falling leaves
Peace Process
Michael Helsem Not Anymore
Rose Ades A Surrey Girl’s Ghazal
Robert Gifford Behind the Curve
Caroline Gill Of Stars and Seeds
R. L. Kennedy Change
Gary Glauber Impressions Ghazal
Incredulity: a ghazal
Lauren Schwartz Ghazal (in the end)
Fergus Carty Exchange
Linda Umans late April ghazal
Esther Greenleaf Mürer Change
Ellen Pickus Ghazal on Change 1
Ghazal on Change 2
William Dennis Then Everything Changed
Grow and Change
By Century’s End

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