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Michael Helsem

Walking to Fukushima

Based on an online video.

My feet lose traction, walking to Fukushima;
a lonely faction — walking to Fukushima.

Weeks of watching news & i still don’t know,
at last take action, walking to Fukushima.

Pass empty houses, broken roads, rogue dogs
the animate fraction, walking to Fukushima.

My Geiger counter pops & i dread to gather
its full exaction, walking to Fukushima.

But we’ve evaded finding out so long
for this abreaction, walking to Fukushima.

Graywyvern stood outside the smoulder-verboten
atomic reaction, there at Fukushima.

About Michael Helsem

M. H. was born in Dallas in 1958. Shortly afterwards, fish fell from the sky.