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Issue 43

February 2012

Issue One of 2012

Here is the first issue for 2012. The new schedule is flexible and open-ended; that should ensure a much shorter time between submission and response and publication for the poets. I hope you will enjoy this half-dozen ghazals by two accomplished poets. I’m also reviving the editor’s comments on the ghazals in each issue. If you have comments or suggestions, please send them to me or post them on my blog.

The issue for the music challenge is nearing completion. It should be published in a week or two. There will be notification on my blog and to the mailing list. The new challenge will be announced after the publication of the music challenge issue.

Vivek Sharma Your Kamuk Eyes
Refugees in Love
Almond Breath Assassin
Deified War
Mary Cresswell Chant for the Return Home
Editor’s notes

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