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Issue 45b

August 2012

Issue Three of 2012

Here, at long last, is Issue Three, with four poets. The five ghazals in this issue embody several different ways of writing ghazals in English, while staying true to the form.

Issue Four will be next, with four ghazals. Issue Four should be published in September. After that, Issue Five, the last regular issue of The Ghazal Page, will present four asemic, visual ghazals by David Jalajel. I expect that issue in October.

Also to appear this fall: the results of the ekphrastic challenge. Just as that challenge was difficult, so editing the ghazals submitted is challenging, as well as rewarding. I hope this issue will appear in December of 2012.

Michael Helsem “in darkness”
Shazia Sadaf Soul Ghazal
Judith Skillman Relinquishment
Ghazal of Equal Night and Day
Diana Woodcock The Great Silence
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