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Issue 48

Water Challenge Issue

The Water Ghazal Challenge

Guest Editor: Mary Cresswell

An exciting feature of this challenge is its guest editor: Mary Cresswell, of Wellington, New Zealand. Please send your submissions to The Ghazal Page. They will be forwarded to Mary.

The submission period begins on 15 April and ends on 31 May 2013. Submissions should be sent to The Ghazal Page; they will be forwarded to Mary Cresswell. Her ghazals have appeared in The Ghazal Page for several years. Her most recent is “Chant for the Return Home.”

Here is her call for submissions:

Look for inspiration from water, wherever it is, whatever it’s doing and who/what it’s doing it to — storms, glaciers, ships and steam engines, boiling into an undersea trench, springing from desert rock, falling as snow. Big surf. Tears. Dark streaks down the sides of subway tunnels. If water could speak we might know why it’s always moving … Perhaps use water-words as a radif — perhaps tercet (rather than couplet) ghazals — consider Arabic as well as Persian forms. Ghazals can be unpublished or published (give details of previous publication as well as permission for use).

To prime your skill with the ghazal form, check through the excellent collection of essays and articles on the The Ghazal Page website. Also see Carol Rumens’ Guardian article introducing ghazals by Mimi Khalvati. To see how the form can vary, read Natasha Trethewey’s ‘’ and Thomas Hardy’s ‘The Mother Mourns’.

Please submit between 15 April and 31 May 2013, and follow the journal submission instructions. Subject line: “Water issue”

Suzanne Herschell Reading The Harbour
Linda Umans Ghazal For Iguazu Falls
Steffen Horstmann Variation On A Theme By Izumi Kyoka
The Steelhead
Robynanne Milford Ghazal : Oyster Shells
Robert Gifford Thicker Than Water
Jim Gustafson Cold Water – Ghazal
Mercedes Webb-Pullman His And Her Ghazal
The Storyteller Ghazal
William Dennis Air And Water
Keith Westwater Winds And Time
All In A Day’s Work

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