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Issue 49

March 2013

In past years, there have been some April Fool’s ghazals on The Ghazal Page. Finding some lighter ghazals in my inbox this year was a pleasure. Along with the lighter ones, this page has several that challenge (should I say, “interrogate”?) the ghazal form received from Persian and Urdu, while still remaining within the scope of “ghazal.” I recommend that you read each of these poems for what it is in itself and for what it is in the context of “the ghazal in English” and then in the context of poetry in English.

Abgrund Pages
Esther Mürer Chain Ghazal: Chickens
Heather Dubrow Corporate Rodents
Left Out To Dry
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Fergus Carty Chase
William Dennis Love’s Proposition
Judith Skillman Crying Wolf
Roger Sedarat Persian Daddy
Taylor Graham Riches
Steffen Horstmann In the Dockyard
Shroud of Leaves
Karla Linn Merrifield Fractal Ghazal: Old Evolution
Ghazal in Eight Easy Steps
Ghazal by Hand
Ellen Pickus Valentine Ghazal
Shayam Doors Refuse to Open
Paradise for You
Editor’s Comments

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