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Issue 50

June 2013

This issue is late due to events beyond my control. However, I believe you’ll find it worth the wait. You’ll find Editor’s Comments on each of the three pages; here I am including comments from Steffen Horstmann on the proof-copies. Steffen says what I would but says it much better.

Hi Gino,

I just went through the proof copies and everything looks fine. This is really a splendid issue — it’s exciting to see some of the same names (and more of them continuously) who are continuing to contribute fine work to TGP. There is the sense that more poets are working with the form in much greater depth, that they have come to realize the remarkable possibilities for the ghazal in English. What is truly impressive is the innovation displayed by these poets, because, I think, all of the poems are recognizable as ghazals, yet a few of them are something completely new. This seems to me a groundbreaking issue, and I’m grateful to be a part of it.

All best,


I hope that you will agree with Steffen and me that this is an outstanding issue. Your responses and comments are welcome.
The next submission period is August 1 – 15. I’m looking forward to an equally rich harvest of ghazals.

Steffen Horstmann Proem
Steffen Horstmann Light Streams Through the Stained Glass Madonna
Judith Skillman Nightmare Ghazal
Almost May
Esther Murer The Cosmos
Out of Context
To be light
William Dennis Innocent Synonymies
What Won’t Do It
Jim Gustafson Potato Ghazal
Karla Linn Merrifield Fractal Ghazal: Old Evolution
Late-Winter Ghazal from North Fort Myers
Zip It
Fergus Carty Clarity
Heather Dubrow To Catch a Thief
Editor’s notes

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