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Issue 52

Speculative Challenge Issue

Pleasures and surprises await you in this half-dozen ghazals. “Speculative” writing and art covers a number of approaches. These poems seem more eerie than otherwise, “eerie” being an old term for the fantastic. Genre, by the way, seems very porous to me. Almost any of these ghazals could be considered psychological realism. Please join me in thanking Joshua Gage for his efforts in selecting and presenting these poems.

The Speculative Ghazal Challenge

Guest Editor: Joshua Gage

This challenge will be edited by our second guest editor, Joshua Gage. Please send submissions to The Ghazal Page; they will be forwarded to Josh. Submissions are due by 4 October. The planned publication date for the issue is 2 December. If you wish to review The Ghazal Page’s submission policy, you may find it here.

Here is Josh’s description of the theme for this challenge:

Speculative literature is a broad, catch all term that encompasses many genres, primarily science fiction, fantasy, mythopoeic, and horror, as well as the many related, hybrid and derivative genres based on those three. This challenge seeks speculative ghazals — ghazals that stem from science fiction, fantasy and horror (or shers from all three!)

You will find several ghazals that provide a wide range speculative themes .

The editor prefers ghazals that retain the more formal elements (qafia, radif, etc.) and tends to eschew free-verse ghazals.

Terrie Leigh Relf Planetary Exchange
Steffen Horstmann In the Shadows
Shannon Connor Winward PROPHET
Holly Jensen Night Ghazal
Dennis M. Lane THE WAITING
M. Shayne Bell It Will Snow

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