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Holly Jensen


Holly Jensen

The Scientists are on their own at night.
1,000 plundered theorems get overthrown at night. 

Side effects of the cure for cancer:
Your dreams fall off the bone at night. 

Clouds scattered and shadows crisped
when all 5 moons shone at night. 

All day, the Scientists nurture
hypotheses they disown at night. 

The gods have returned as toxic chemicals.
They only make themselves known at night. 

The Scientist can’t make herself forget
the screeching of the drone at night. 

We may harvest desire during the day,
but the seeds are always sown at night. 

The unincarnated wait for us.
Their love leaks out as a low moan at night. 

Holly, when are you most alive?
When I’m lost levitating alone at night.


About Holly Jensen

HOLLY JENSEN’s work has appeared or is upcoming in Pank Magazine, the minnesota review, and The Midwest Quarterly. Her traditional and free ghazals have appeared in Kestrel, Tilt-a-Whirl, Clockwise Cat, and elsewhere. She first fell in love with Jim Harrison’s bawdy, tender free ghazals over 10 years ago. She calls Cleveland, Ohio home. She is now the editor of The Ghazal PageSend her your ghazals.