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Issue 55

Staff: Gene Doty (1941-2015), Editor & Publisher; Steffen Horstmann, Associate Editor; Rose Doty, Assistant Editor. Contributing Editors: Mary Cresswell, Taylor Graham, David Quentin Dauthier, Sukhdarshan Dhaliwal, David Jalajel, Azam Obidov, Tree Riesener.


Welcome to The Ghazal Page!

We’re pleased to present the December 2014 issue of The Ghazal Page. This issue is the last one, as I am retiring the ‘zine for personal reasons. I hope you will enjoy this issue and explore the past issues available.

I’ve enjoyed editing and producing The Ghazal Page, with the much-appreciated assistance of the folks listed in the mast-head above. It is especially gratifying to have published some excellent poems and to have helped make the ghazal a part of English poetic form.

Since 1999, The Ghazal Page has published ghazals in English — most originally written in English, with a few translated from other languages. It has also published a variety of notes, reviews, and essays relating to ghazals, their history, and their potentials as a form for poetry in English.

You will find, in these virtual pages, a number of ghazals with varying approaches. Some adhere closely to the traditional Persian/Urdu form, while others use the older Arabic modes, and yet others experiment in various ways. There are also the results of several ghazal challenges, with more to come. The responses to the challenges show how varied the ghazal can be as a form.

Mary Cresswell Back Again
Akhil Katyal Jama Masjid, Delhi, 2012
Holly Jensen Moonlight Ghazal
Khadeeja Mushtaq A Name
Michele Waering For Hafiz
Ed Higgins Momentary Snake
Brian Koester To Remember
Suzanne Herschell Beyond Sound
Brian Koester Ghazal of the Spotted Horses
Judith Skillman In Anger
Barbara Lydecker Crane Step Right this Way
Mary Cresswell Notes From The Edge

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