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Issue 58

Welcome to the largest issue of The Ghazal Page ever! We’re proud to present nearly 70 poems by 40 poets from four continents.

As usual, the poems are lush with romance, sex, loss, longing, grief, faith, nature, and politics, (bankers, veterans, refugees, exiles, and drones all make appearances). Issue 58 also revels in the beauty of art. Yousuf bin Mohammad evokes Agha Shahid Ali, Jean L. Kreiling talks Steinbeck, and Esther Greenleaf Murer takes John Ashbery’s lead– meanwhile, Anne Pitkin celebrates song and dance, and Beatriz F. Fernandez and William Dennis muse on paintings, both classical and contemporary.

Alongside exceptional, original Persian ghazals, you’ll also find qasida, tercets, free verse ghazals from Ann Howells, Sunil Uniyal’s translation of Mir Taqi Mir, and delightful experimental approaches from Jan Zlotnik Schmidt, Karla Linn Merrifield, Huma Azeem, and Alexander Tokarev.


Holly Jensen

Anne Pitkin Ghazal for a Prodigy, 
Ann Howells Doorways
Judith Skillman The Limbic Door
Nilesh Mondal || Kisses are for strangers. ||
Siham Karami Notes from the Valley of Yin and Yang
Esther Greenleaf Murer After the New Year
William Dennis 3 poems on paintings by Michael Guinn
D. Russel Micnhimer -ed Ghazal #55: (super sour orange amateur faux ghazal attempt)
Anastasia Vassos Misled Heart
David Jalajel qadisa #24
Antonia Clark Ghazal of Lost Dreams
Eric Torgersen Beautiful
David Subacchi A Burning Country
Karla Linn Merrifield Thou Shalt Not Postpone
Yousuf bin Mohammad Tonight re-reading
Ann Howells Bully Meets His Match
Anne Pitkin Soprano Ghazal
Seree Cohen Zohar Earn Today
Sunil Uniyal A sea of sand
Jean L. Kreiling The Grapes of Wrath
Linda Umans The Unspoken For
William Dennis No More Now
Sana Shah Ghazal 2
Susan F. Glassmeyer Coming Forward
Huma Azeem Life and Me
Barbara Lydecker Crane On Balance,
Nilesh Mondal || Courtrooms at night. ||
Roz Levine A Breakdown
Alexander Tokarev Winds of Seven Seasons
Ellen Pickus Air Ghazal
Michele Waering Teller,
Huma Azeem You Said
Tracy Fiebiger Love’s Tumbleweeds
Mohammad Zahid “…River”
David Jalajel qadisa #25
Rose Knapp Evening Wine, Silk, and Knives
Sophia Pandeya Moon
Suzanne Niedzielska Memory’s Seven Veils
Mir Taqi Mir As long as I breathe
Beatriz F. Fernandez On Viewing ‘Dante and Beatriz’ by Henry Holiday
Huma Azeem Anguish
Suzanne Herschell Still Loss
M. Shayne Bell I Looked for Her
William Dennis Exploding in the Sky
Nels Hanson The River
Esther Greenleaf Murer In your absence: Ghazal on a line by Ashbery
D. Russel Micnhimer Dream (Ghazal #53)
Mohammad Zahid Game, A Ghazal
Eric Torgersen The Moon
Erica Glass Bruise, Shining
Michele Waering Now and Again
Sunil Uniyal He comes to deliver
Sophia Pandeya Absence
Ann Howells Rae Anne
Sandra Anfang The Raven’s Eye
Nilesh Mondal || A cloud shaped like sheep. ||
Alexander Tokarev “When…”
Ellen Pickus Sky Ghazal,
Eric Torgersen These Days
Siham Karami Don’t Try This At Home
Michele Waering Water, 
David Jalajel qadisa #26
Esther Greenleaf Murer Around the bend
Jan Zlotnik Schmidt Broken Ghazal

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