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Barbara MacKay

Winter Ghazal

So late so soon, snow falling, winter’s here
You say too late, I say wait, I’m altering, winter’s here

I write letters, I email you, no response
I send a telegram, I try calling, winter’s here

I felt a chill when you returned my roses
Your attitude’s appalling, winter’s here

Rubies and emeralds and the Hope Diamond
Can’t you be bought, how galling, winter’s here

I’ll try one more time, here’s my heart
Too late Mac! But I’m crawling—winter’s here


I live in Little River, Ca where I am a member of a writing group and a member of the Mendocino Writers Club, a charter of the California Writers Club. My poems have been published in several literary journals and various haiku and tanka journals.

About Barbara MacKay

Barbara MacKay lives in Little River, Ca. Her work has been published in various literary journals including Thema, Bryant Literary Journal, Mariposa Haiku Journal, Woodpecker Haiku Journal, American Tanka, and most recently The Ghazal Page. She earned an MA in English Literature at the University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH.