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Muhammad Sallahudin bin Abdul Rahim


to a pal)



My song died;
its soul reincarnates as the rain and trickles down her name. Bless you


A wind vane
shifts its breath towards her dulcet dream, ringing her ghazal’s frame. Bless


Gabriel greets
the twelve twigs of her Sorrowless Tree with a tale of dewy bliss.


Draping their
gleam on her Golden Fleece, the stars trade the moon to calligraph her ram.


Envy at her
birthday suit, the lunar oracle prophesies no fame. Bless you


Let their skin
sag to the crescent of their own sharp cold, for there is no shame. Bless you


Echoes of the
Yellow River’s torrent fail to drown the silence of the carp’s sweat.


Now aghast,
the Dragon’s Gate has sunk as far as her gossamer wings twinkle high.

Earth quenches its tune in Din's rain and serenades *Shengri Kuaile that came: Bless you





– Chinese pronunciation for “Happy Birthday.”



Sallahudin Bin Abdul Rahim is a minimalist who dedicates his life to
spirituality. His interest and passion in Sufism induced his love for poetry
and influenced his outlook on life, prompting him to take the road less

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