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Ruth Asch


First published in The Starving Artist, April 2016.

I sit upon the fresh green clod, afraid of going under;
As all my love and all my aspirations have gone under.

Set prizes on the waters, a crystal case for treasure.
There silken weeds, gravelly stones, tender flesh hands hold under.

You try kindly not to be blunt, yet it is plain to feel,
On delicacy of your sensibility we blunder.

Praise through the smooth and dancing limbs blossoming above
And all the vigour of the wild beauty that rides under.

A heaviness has held down far too long our restless skins.  
Now troubled dark rejoices and trembles with the thunder.

As sudden as a cloudless day your face smiles forgetful.
I brood over the bond I thought no accident could sunder.                     

Hungry is the air, and boneless earth is waiting
For tenderness of unfledged winging-beings torn asunder.

Nothing seemed to stay in place, vaguely I’d wonder.
At last a nice neat stone, to store memories under.



First published in Inkspill, Issue 8

Longing to be asked so long that I have no reply,
Now you pose the question: Am I ready to commit?

Images to feelings flash: pain and shame and joy,   
All the indiscretions love is happy to commit.

Clouds at the horizon lumber over violet waves.                         
Still fishers for silver, boats are ready to commit.

Picnickers gaze anxiously at the hazy skies.
If only the sun, like they, were eager to commit.

Nervily the players angle round the bright, green baize
Fondling the coins they are preparing to commit.

Desperately the pauper watches by the chill bed-side.
Picturing the crimes he could… but it’s wrong, to commit.

Love that twinkles nightly: pale, just another star;
Love blazing with passion: freefall, turning to comet.

Teetering in the heavens we guess the weight of harmony,
Burning with love’s question: to commit?


Ruth Asch is a poet, with one volume ‘Reflections‘ to her name, and many poems published in literary journals, in print and online, among which recently Rose Red Review, Peacock Journal, Mediterranean Poetry and The Classical Poets Society. She loves to write, create and translate in many different forms. 

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