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Yousuf bin Mohammad

Songs of the Thrush

“Love is a smoke made with the fume of sighs”-William Shakespeare


The love that used to be is love no more
Not in Heavens, below, above no more


The angel fallen forming feathers black
In grave of butterflies, is dove no more


Which once gave me the wings to fly and will
It gave me love and chains and strove no more


For ages Baker has forgotten of
His unbaked dough, i burn in stove no more


This thrush once where he sings his songs of love
It snows, spring leaves, visits that grove no more


Still Yousuf comes and goes in drunken dreams
But there’s desire nor lust nor love no more




About Yousuf bin Mohammad

Yousuf bin Mohammad is a resident of Delhi, where he works as digitization assistant with Juma al Majid Center for Culture and Heritage while pursuing physics by distance. He is equally interested in poetry, psychology and philosophy as well. He have had the chance to participate in a few Urdu musha'iras. His Urdu-Hindi poems, mostly ghazals, have appeared on 'Daleel', ‘Swargvibha’ and ‘Rekhta’. And some of his English poems have appeared in journals like ‘The GHAZAL Page’, ‘Transom’, 'Eastlit', 'The society of Classical poets', ‘Zouch’, ‘VisualVerse’, 'Jaffat-el-Aqlam' and ‘The Companion’ monthly.